Us – we are MISHMASH

Meaning, we aim higher and strive for the best!


Viet Vacations Travel is founded in the 2015, head quarter in Hanoi. From a beloved, experienced tour guide, the director gained lots of loves from his guests, as later on, he founded his own business in order to throw himself into the tourism industry, he creates his own signature attitude and the company’s culture. Viet Vacations Travel is now a leading travel agency, operates tours for foreigners who love to travel Viet Nam with guaranteed service.



At Viet Vacations Travel, we believe “Value Guests – Guests Valued” is the principle concept. We treasure each and everyone whom come to us, let us guide and introduce our loving country like no others. We treasure your time, your spending, and your enjoyment when visiting Viet Nam. Nothing is more important than your enjoyment and what you earn after each “excursion” with us. 


We strive to be your only guide in Viet Nam

When it comes to travel and tourism, it is not just about going to places, to “check in”, to see the landscapes that “WOW!!!” you at the first sight, it is about understanding the history, the routes before branches, the culture, maybe a little language, try the food, take on the traditional clothes, others might try to “be a local” for a day, and various of concepts. We confident that all of these imaginations is no longer just an imagination, it all comes to live because we are able to do so. We have a well-trained team of managers, operators, guides that perceive the culture in their hands. We are a true STORY TELLER.


Our core is to value each and every partner we have, no matter what size business is, where you come from or which market you are in. We are honoured to be found, to be your partner and your legal representative in Viet Nam.


We believe that:


  • VIRTUOSITY: is a principle element of every existing business. The quality is measured only by guests. Guests are happy, you are happy, then we are pleased to make it come true.
  • APPRECIATION: is what creates the long-term relationship with anyone, including you
  • LISTEN: is very important in teamwork and solving problems
  • UNDERSTANDING: is to sympathy to find a common voice
  • ENTRUST: is the key for relationships to last longer